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3rd level free throw

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Listing Name:
3rd level free throw
Season Plan:
Full Season (2016-17)
(45 total games)
Seats Per Game:
2 - 4
Ticket Category:
300 Level Sides Rows 1-7
Section / Row / Seat:
334 / 4 / 1
334 / 4 / 2
334 / 4 / 3
334 / 4 / 4
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Payment Method:
Delivery Method:
Ticket Forwarding
Offer Minimum:
12 games
Aisle Seating:
Looking to sell 4 tickets for 20 games for the season includes parking pass and (4) Ketel one club passes. Located at section 334 row 4 seats 1-4. On the free throw line. Aisle seats. Right next to consessions, bathroom, and escalators. $9,250.00
Willing to accept $7,200.00 if buyer doesn't want parking or Ketel one club passes.

I will take 50% deposit within 3 days of an accepted offer with the balance due upon delivery of the tickets.

Playoff tickets are available. We will talk more once the season comes to an end to see if the Bulls look favorable enough to get tickets.

Games will be allocated based on mutual agreement and personal schedules. Im very flexible and will be willing to share premium games throughout the season.
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:

How will my games get determined?

For this listing, you would offer to purchase a certain number of games and tickets from the Season Ticket Holder. The actual games and tickets you would get would be determined at a later date using the the following method:

In Person Draft
New partner will participate in an In Person Draft. Draft will be held at a time and date agreeable to the majority of partners. If a partner cannot attend a date, efforts shall be made to ensure partners picks are fairly selected (for example, ability to call in selection, or the option to send another person to make picks). Draft picks will be based on the number of games each partner is purchasing. Draft Order will be set fairly giving all partners a pick in the first round and the remaining picks will be fairly determined based on the proportion of games owned by each partner. The Draft Order shall NOT unfairly benefit or harm any partner(s). All games and tickets shall be included in the draft.
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    I made an offer, but couldn't select less than 20. So you know, my offer was for 12 games...I don't know how else to do it. Thanks.
  • Oh I see, we can do 12 games but the offer would have to be 2200
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    Would you accept an offer for 12 games (2 seats) without parking/Ketel Club passes?
  • Hi Michelle yes we would be willing to sell (2) for 12 games without the parking or kettle one . FYI the Kettle one club tickets are under $20 each.
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    I am a current season ticket holder that has lost 2 of 4 partners in your same ticket class. I am investigating moving into another group. A few questions/comments: 1) We would not be interested in Kettle One 2) We would require the same playoff share as reg season (25% for each of us) 3) I need a guarantee that if we are good, flexible partners that we can continue with the group as long as we like. 4) Would it be possible to do a snake draft for dividing tickets? 5) We have no interest in parking passes Your seats are great. Would love to form a longlasting partnership if you're interested! I have been a season ticket holder for 5 years and would love to continue!
  • Hi Jeff and thank you for your interest in our tickets. We are interested in sharing our tickets with you. We are OK with no ketel one club or parking passes. As for the snake draft we would like to possibly pick games based on each other's schedules since we own a business and much of our time is reflected on when we can attend a game and we are willing to trade off on premier games so we both get a chance to see a great matchup . We would be willing to share the playoff tickets as you described. If our relationship is good we will reconsider at the end of the season to keep this partnership moving forward.
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